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Alignment & Manifestation Workshop

  • Temple Mile End Montreal (map)

Alignment & Manifestation Workshop with Aria Raphael

How do Boundaries, Manifestation, Creation, Alignment, Our Personal Pure Potential, Grounding and Self-Actualization all fit together? In this course, the puzzle pieces begin to further come together as we learn what it is to be fully Aligned and actively realizing our higher potential while Manifesting those things in life that will cause our greatest fulfillment and happiness. We begin to manifest not simply what we think we want, but also, actualize all those things in our highest good.

We will journey the path of Aligned Authentic Manifestation, which is a life created, not as given by our ego, but instead, in harmony with our highest selves. There then comes a moment when things manifest and happen with great ease, effortlessness and grace. Our relationship to our emotions and patterns shifts, and what has historically held us in place, disappears. Our entire life becomes the Manifestation of our Soul’s highest path actualized in physical and human existence.

We will explore work on Boundaries and bring together a variety of exercises and practical components to connect to our inner voice of highest wisdom, our soul’s aligned path, and ground it down into our body and our life so it is real, tangible and actionable for us.

The workshop provides exercises, distinctions and meditations to add to your toolbox, and channeled content and space that fosters and allows for each person’s transformational shift.

Date: Sunday, March 24, 2019
Time: 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Location: The Temple, Mile End, Montreal
Cost: $135 CAD

Reservation required

Here are some suggestions to make your experience even better...

Please bring:
a notebook & pen
a cushion to sit on (in case the chairs are a little hard)
a substantial snack (we’ll take a break)
a long sleeved shirt or sweater in case you get chilly

Please prepare by:
Eating a good breakfast & hearty lunch that won't make you too sleepy.
Plan for traffic & finding parking. 

Later Event: March 25