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☥ THE ART OF TRANSMUTATION : From Wounds to Self-Empowerment ☥


We all carry wounds from our personal stories. How we coped with difficult circumstances and survived these traumas to find safety has shaped our way of being in the world, resulting in our survival strategies, habits, and our way of relating to and facing the world around us.

The coping skills we needed and practiced to stay safe have become invaluable resources, however these strategies and subsequent habits have become unconscious ways of experiencing and dealing with life. Often these patterns are no longer useful, and create unecessary suffering. Our Ego (the interface we have developed to deal with the world around us) has created masks that hide our true self, and at times deny our suffering.

Returning to wholeness, our true Essence and Divine Nature, requires becoming aware so that we can use these skills in Self-Empowerment, and therefore moving away from being a victim of circumstance and moving towards creating a life and relationships in harmony with our Divine Nature.

Come explore these themes with Roland under the influence of the new moon in Sagittarius, an auspicious time for new beginnings, cultivating positive change and boundless self-expansion…



Roland Bérard

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