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  • Temple Mile End Montreal Canada (map)

On this Full Moon in Virgo/Sun in Pisces gather in ritual to magnetize your spiritual wealth. This is a ritual to not only to make money, but to heal your relationship to money, which can symbolically represent your relationship to spirituality. Full moon energies are perfect to honour your self-worth with empowered accountability, responsibility, and infinite love.

First cleanse your mind +body + spirit with a Kundalini Kriya to harmonize your frequency. Second, work through your money story to unleash and burn away the obstacles that have been blocking your prosperity flow. Third, manifest magic with a crystal container of pure intention and affirmations to represent unlimited potential to guide you for the next 40 day cycle. Fourth, close with a crystal sound bath to meditate and integrate your visions and dreams.

Ritual is lead by Kimiko Tao Fujimoto of School of Ritual

EQUIPMENT you will need: 

  1. Photo of your most happy self, any age and time, one that makes you smile - happy to be you! 

  2. Money from all the places you’d like to travel or earn currency in, or photos of those places, or coins, anything that represents $$ to you.  

  3. Photos, magazine clippings of things you wish to manifest and accomplish

  4. Any personal items that represents your spiritual wealth or aspiration, what you want to feel in your life.

  5. Spiritual glitter> anything that is sacred to you. Preferably small enough to fit a in a mason jar, or photos, jewelry, tokens, crystals, statues.

If possible the objects will need to fit in a mason jar (litre). 

PROVIDED for the ritual 

  • mason jar to create a ritual keepsake of what you wish to manifest 

  • citrine crystal - activation 

  • herbal elixirs 

  • additional crafts to decorate your money jar 

Space is limited to 14 people 

Sacred Investment $33

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