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  • Machina 5455 Avenue de Gaspé Montréal, QC, H2T 3B2 Canada (map)

L U M I N O S I T Y 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

3:30 - 5:30 pm 

with Kimiko Fujimoto + Eliza Moore 


We are all made up of stardust…

In our daily hustle, we often strive at the expense of ourselves and return home feeling depleted and undervalued. The art of yoga and ritual can help you remember your inherent worthiness and offer infinite ways to fill your cup. The Tantric practices of Kundalini Yoga cleanse and calibrate one’s mental, spiritual, and physical matrix with dynamic movement, breathwork, deep meditation, and sonic chanting. In this unique yoga journey you will be guided through challenging and energizing “yang” movements, followed by deep “yin” stillness and focus, allowing you to experience an inner tranquility of being and receiving. With the intuitive guidance of Kimiko and the musical landscape of Eliza’s ambient music, you will be wrapped in a soothing cocoon of support and ease that will help you to embody a sense of true balance. Schedule in this mini-retreat to let go of the hustling and immerse yourself within your own illuminating light. 

Kundalini Yoga + Yin Yoga + Meditations + Mantras + Mysticism + Oracle Cards + Crystals + Herbal Elixirs 

Live music with Eliza Moore : 


  • As part of the Kundalini Yoga tradition please wear white or colorful clothing to create a web of peace and openness. Wear what you feel comfortable in. 

  • Pre-registration is required. Space is limited. 

Kimiko Tao Fujimoto is a creative ritualist, artist, yogini, and shamanic alchemist of crystals, spirits, and mystical realism. Her rituals are sourced from over 18 years of devotional study in the traditions of Yoga (kundalini + vinyasa + hatha), Shamanism, Priestess Paths, Tantra, Eastern + Western Philosophy, Art + Film + Literature, and recently Herbalism. She leads journeys into the heart and soul with grounded embodiment, modern relevance, and detailed attention. She has been a wellness entrepreneur and yoga teacher since 2006 with numerous yoga studios, yoga trainings, and innovative classes. She is the co-founder of Temple Mile End and the creator of School of Ritual. 

Eliza Moore’s sound is healing and uplifting. Timeless and ethereal qualities mingle with playful, rhythmic elements throughout her eclectic body of work. As a hybrid musician, composer, DJ, and lover of movement, Eliza’s passion for spontaneous expression and live performance have made her a sought-after artist at renowned yoga and dance events and music festivals.  Currently Eliza lives in Montreal where she is collaborating with Stephane Carreau (Bet.e and Stef) on a double-album release. Learn more and download their title track here:

When she isn’t in the studio, Eliza can be found guiding children, creatives and corporate executives in mindfulness techniques, cruising on her bike along the St Lawrence with her family or inventing a new stew in her crock pot. She aspires to compose music for feature films or series one day.

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