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◭ reiki one with rio ◮come back to Light ~~


come back to Light ~

in this first degree reiki course we will open our energy channels, learn how to harness Ki (universal life force), and become attuned to the Reiki frequency to facilitate healing for the Self and others.

in Reiki I we will :

✫ learn the art and history of Reiki, including techniques for harnessing Ki and the laws of subtle energies

✫ explore mind as medicine and quantum healing

✫ give Self, chair and table treatments

✫ learn how to create create sacred space and energetic barriers

✫ receive a Reiki I manual and level one Usui Reiki certificate

Reiki energy resonates from the highest dimension. It is the frequency of love, healing and Divine Light. as a Reiki practitioner you will learn the techniques and tools to tune into, and become a conduit for, the Reiki frequency. Reiki re-balances and revitalizes the energy field, bringing clarity and leaving the recipient feeling relaxed, restored, grounded. practiced in over 800 hospitals in the United States alone, Reiki is a growing non-invasive, natural holistic medicine. Its effects are subtle and luminous; its experience can be euphoric, visceral, elevating.

we will be gently delving into expansive frequencies together. please wear comfortable pastel or white coloured clothing. three days prior to initiation please avoid caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and additive sugar, in order for the subtle energies to be open and flow more naturally. plant medicine & elixirs will be served.


only 8 spots available >>> RSVP at