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Rewilding The Feminine


It's time to reconnect to the essence of who we are. To that which lies as a rich pearl in the bottom of the deep ocean; hidden far down, under our wounds, our emotions, our experiences on this earth – in this time and space. 

This is an invitation to ReWild our life in connection to our full potential. To come back to the core of our essence as women so that we can heal - heal from the ovarios, our ferocious hearts and get back on our feet with courage. To sharpen our teeth and show them bright and wide, to take care of our medicine with humbleness, love and presence; And with this, empower ourselves to take care of the tribe one more time. 

Let's work on the tapestry of our own psyche together, so that we can work on the tapestry of all our relations. Through Sharing, Singing, Dancing , Story Telling & Caring. 

🌿 Come and share in circle! 🌿 

* Gratitude - Suffering - Seeing with New Eyes - Taking action *

Please reserve your spot by messaging Coyote Star
Or sending a PayPal transfer to

With immense love, 
Coyote Star