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Introduction to Tarot

  • Temple Mile End Montreal (map)

✵ You wish to connect to your intuition? 
✵ Discover the hidden stories told by the universal symbols?
✵ Connect with the Archetypes inside and out? 
✵ Discover the secret language of your soul? 

Come and share this two hour Tarot introduction with us! :) 

We will talk of the ways of using and connecting with the Mayor Arcana, ways to develop our intuition, to speak the language of our heart, and different ways to read the cards. 

We will play, dance and share. 

Contribution: 15$

Please reserve your spot by messaging Coyote Star
Or sending a PayPal transfer to

With immense love, 
Looking forward to play with you! 

Coyote Star

~ Facilitator ~

Juanita Giraldo

With her immense “joie de vivre” and her great inner strength, Juanita is a multi-talented contributor. She explores a movement/corporal practice through her experience as a Yoga teacher. Music, sharing, circle work and healing work of the body, heart and soul inspire all of her journey and teachins. She contributes to this world by offering new spaces for developing awareness and healing, related to what we are living both within and outside of ourselves.

Juanita is deeply motivated by the reconciliation of tribes as a way of interacting at deeper levels within a community, while cultivating a sense of oneness with nature and all forms of life. Throughout her journey, she has encountered different types of healing through which music and ceremony have created and opened transformational spaces for individual and collective patterns, all towards a quest for harmonious living. Juanita creates moments of celebration, recreation and deep pleasures as ways of connecting the community together through the circle; dance, music and games!

ver the past ten years, Juanita has studied different cultures and traditions such as Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, native traditions of Colombia and North America. She studies with her mentor, Matthieu Tallard, cultivating different approaches related to permaculture with StarHawk, Charles William and the “Conscientious Communication” of the Conscientia Group.

* Individual consultation is offered too. *