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Yoga Nidra with Kelly


“Yoga Nidra: Fall series w/Kelly Davis

Yoga Nidra, a Tantric guided meditation, is a powerful tool to used promote conscious embodiment and the release of deeply rooted stress and anxiety within our material and mental systems. By connecting to our energy centres within the physical form, we can tap back into nourishment and self-renewal through conscious rest and relaxation.

Practitioners are guided by voice to a hypnagogic state, the realm between wakefulness and sleep, to enter the recesses of the subconscious mind, where we can uncover old frameworks and lay the foundations for personal transformation and healing.

Leave feeling rested, rejuvenated and with a closer connection toward your true nature.

Expect uplifting herbal refreshments, intention setting, and a deeply restorative meditation with plenty of time afterwards to reflect and unwind.

SUNDAYS, 7:30 - 9:30 PM

SEPT 22, OCT 20, NOV 17, DEC 15


Temple Mile End is an intimate, intentional space, and class size is limited to 12 students.

Pre-registration required.

or e-mail for more information.
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