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Temple of Peace Ritual


Temple of Peace Ritual 

International Day of Peace, September 21, 2017

7:00 - 9:00 pm at Loft108, Old Port Montreal 

Framed between the darkness of a new moon and the shift of a new season, this International Day of Peace creates a still point of power and prayer. As interconnected beings, the fear, turbulence, and social unrest present in the world is felt by all. Through ritual we can collectively clear the field of suffering by becoming a temple of peace. When you feel at ease you share that presence with the world. In order to manifest peace, we must be at peace. All are invited to explore how meditation, yoga, mantra, and music can effect conscious change. On this auspicious day gather in sacred prayer and respond to the chaos with love, trust, and courage. 

Temple of Peace Ritual will be lead by Kimiko Tao Fujimoto and close with a deep relaxation meditation serenaded with live music by Shelby Cohen. Everyone will collectively contribute and participate in a Despacho Ceremony from Peru that allows us to step back into right relationship with ourselves and the world through intention and action. 

Enjoy a beautiful evening at the Loft 108 in the Old Port with candles, crystals, ceremony, and magical realism to manifest a global and personal vision of peace and possibility. New moons and Equinoxes are a potent time to start new projects, reflect on your dreams, plant seeds of prosperity, and harvest gifts of abundance. This ritual is crafted to offer quiet contemplation, creative energy, and a supportive community. 

* Please bring a mat and wear light/white clothing that invokes peace and comfort. You are welcome to bring photos of those you'd like to send prayers to and any personal effects to place in the center altar. Please bring blankets, pillows, or shawls if you'd like for meditation. 

Space is limited. 

Registration prior to the ritual is required before September 20, 2017.

Temple of Peace Ritual

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