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blazing-beauty-bbb 2.jpg


Dear Community, 🍁

🌱Is for me a precious desire to gather in cercle and sing. 

In the path of ceremonies and community/tribe I find music is a key aspect that allow us to communicate and to connect in deeper ways. To really emit sounds from the depths of our soul and transmit very important information and teaching through lyrics, vibration and melodies. 

Also, Music had saved me. Not only once, but several times along the path, in the darkest moments I have been sustained by the voice of my loved ones in song, in prayer. The recordings and the songs that travel with me through ages have become more and more special as I have stories that come along with them, as every time that they are sang in cercle they attained a more special place in my heart. 

This is what I want to share with you this gift ~ Which is so precious to my heart. 

We will gather with all our instruments, around the altar, and share knowledge of songs, bring our own colors. 

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