○ Taurus Full Moon Musings ●


Beauty + The Beast 

🌚 1º of Taurus + 🌝 Sun in Scorpio 10. 24. 2018 >> 12:45pm EDT

As of late I have been more active on social media which triggers worthiness anxiety. As a freelancer, and business owner I feel pressured to build a following. Yet don’t want my life to turn into one big infomercial. 

Does this platform disenfranchise the honest spiritual work we want to share or does it support it? Social Media is a beast that I am learning understand. 

When I look into the beast’s eyes, I try to see the people behind the images. I see our similar fears, insecurities, and desires to make a living and a positive impact. So if I can look past the algorithms that skew my opinion, maybe I’ll be able to see the world through the eyes of “real” people. 

Yet often after scrolling, I feel annoyed, empty, and judgemental. Why do our stories cause us to doubt ourselves or others? Shouldn’t I just be happy for what others are doing and achieving? Aren’t we here to lift each other up? Why the fomo? 

It may feel like high school all over again, petty and shallow, but it’s actually how we learn to define our identities and values. 

By triggering us, social media can wake us up to evolve. Whatever our emotional response is to it, that’s what needs attention. Not the “likes,” but how it makes us respond towards ourselves and each other. 

Social Media is like the Sun in Scorpio pushing us into the wilds of our emotional landscape. While the Taurus energy is asking us to look for the beauty and value in the platforms and businesses we’re creating. Finally Uranus is giving us power change what isn’t working, and create something of true value. 

Ask yourself where does your true value come from? 

I believe there is room for everyone to be valued and loved. I think the scarcity we may fear steams from something deep within that is lacking acceptance and acknowledgment. No matter what someone else does don’t let it dim your light or value. If we can work as tribes again the differences are superficial, and we are all 7 billion followers of each other. 

Give gratitude for what you love, value, and feel free to share it. 

If it makes you money in return it is just the universe manifesting support to continue to make more light. Put money where your heart is.