Life is a constant sea of change. We are in flow all the time and sometimes we feel trapped in a misty fog, empty, divided, confused, sick, and separated as if we’ve lost parts of our soul and purpose.  

Whatever our condition, physical, or emotional destress, we have the capacity to shift awareness and channel our hardships into assets. Shamanic work confronts us where we are to breakthrough the fog and align our hearts. Shamanic healing such as soul retrieval, extractions, journeying, and power animals help to recover one's innate intelligence.     

As a shamanic practitioner, I work with compassionate spirits, pure intention, and core shamanism to create rituals that council creativity and self-mastery (where you are the hero, the teacher, the true healer). These sessions use an alchemy of energetic medicine with crystals and stones, herbs, tarot, sound resonance, and practicality to hold sacred space for personal integration, transformation, and revelation.  

Each session is uniquely crafted for one’s needs. I call myself a spiritual navigator, I draw upon wisdom and experiences from many traditions and systems to offer personalized lifestyle tools. 

All shamanic work, rituals, and concepts will be explained during the session. Everything is acted upon with full recipient consent prior to the journey. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to breathe and relax. 

Sessions last between 1.5 - 2 hours

Cost: $100 {cash or e-transfer}