Gratitude to my loving family and community who have supported and guided my heart. 
All these projects and services are a tribute to you.
In Joshua Tree. I love the sun. The Wild. Big Open Skies and Spaces. 

In Joshua Tree. I love the sun. The Wild. Big Open Skies and Spaces. 

kimiko tao fujimoto

My name given at birth is my destiny. My parents called me their "little peace tree". Over the years I've learned to be rooted in many paths and to express my juicy soul sweetness. 

As an ARTIST + WRITER : My love relishes in nature, words, images, beauty, and stories. I am always on the creative pursuit, dabbling in anything that allows me to create something out of life's poetry. My intention is to live my art. 

As a SPIRITUAL ALCHEMIST: I am a mystical integrator of ritual, creativity, and sacred self study. I am a curator and collector of “Wild Sacred Arts” a mix of cross-cultural practices and tools that embrace the profound magic and mystery of earth's living temple. My offerings are rooted in love with the call to serve this sacred life.

As a SHAMANIC PRACTITIONER: I create a ritual with crystals, herbs, art, yoga, and helping allies.  I am devoted to serving all types of students and soul seekers to live passionately with authentic hearts and wild free spirits.

My INITIATION into shamanism began on a vision quest with the Power Path School of Shamanism in the high deserts of New Mexico in 2014. I offer shamanic sessions based on the methodology of Foundation for Shamanic Studies from Micheal Harner which is dedicated to preserving, studying, and teaching shamanic knowledge for the welfare of all. I completed my first intensive in California at Earthrise and am currently in a 3-year Apprenticeship with Kevin Turner in Bali. I am an avid seeker and work with other inspiring teachers such as Linda FitchNan MossMystic Portals, and mentorship from my parents and family. 

My current Vision Board created on April 18, 2018 

My current Vision Board created on April 18, 2018 

AS a TEACHER: I am a lifelong student of yoga in many forms and an Oshosannyasin (Ma Yoga Prem). I have studied extensively with master teachers Shiva Rea(Prana Vinyasa), Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa(Kundalini Yoga), Sianna Sherman (Rasa Yoga), Biff Mithoefer (Yin Yoga) and many other embodied teachers, swamis, & shamans.

AS an EVOLUTIONARY ENTREPRENEUR:  I am the co-founder of Temple Mile End a speakeasy for the spirit with my beloved Eric Digras in Montreal, QC. Temple is a home for healing arts, gatherings, community, creativity, and connection. 

My first business was a film producer in Hollywood, but then I realized the glitter wasn't for me. I went back to school to study cultural literature, and through some acts of crazy faith, I moved to Montreal from my native California lands to open a yoga studio in 2006. I spent over a decade as a co-owner and yoga director of Studio Breathe teaching innovative classes and trainings. I founded the Breathe Institute yoga teacher trainings & mentorship program now in its 5th year of Yoga teacher graduates. 

My Bigger DREAM:  is to work with the land, preserving and curating sacred space all over the world. TEMPLE was created to bring nature back into the urban landscape and offer a home for all kinds of artists. 

On the women's pilgrimage trail of Koyasan, Japan 2015.

On the women's pilgrimage trail of Koyasan, Japan 2015.

The Wild Sacred Activism Project

Whether online, in cities, or in nature, I want to take people on Wild Warrior Pilgrimages to explore life through storytelling, education, conservation, and experience. If you'd like to support my vision, donations will be allocated to research, stewardship, and programming to invite all to connect with the earth. 

"Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread. " Edward Abbey (Desert Solitaire)

1. Education - Learn sacred storytelling and listen to the earth's wisdom echoing magic back to your heart. Connect to the wild natural landscapes that abound wherever you are. Learn to unlock ancestral lineages by tracing the myths and natural vortexes of the land. Through documenting and educating how to work with the land through yoga, meditation, ritual & ceremony, we aim to build and restore sacred spaces for all to enjoy.  

2. Conservation - Funding projects to preserve and restore scared land. Serving with integrity and creating a resource to preserve the stories of the land for the people and spirits. Keeping tradition and awareness alive for everyone. Supporting existing initiatives like:  The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, Sacred Land Film ProjectStand with Standing RockThe Earth InstituteCircle of Blue, and many more.

3. Experience - Going on pilgrimages to experience first-hand sacred space on earth. Reactivating sacred pilgrim trails by foot all over the world, plus the creation of new sacred pathways to invite silence and connection back to the planet. Funding to assist all levels of income to increase accessibility for all, building a reciprocal network from the communities back to the earth.