MEM’s signature massage which is a tailor made treatment for you based on your needs and preferences. It may combine several modalities such as swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofacial release, Thai and Trager. It’s focus is on relieving pain, reducing stress, and promoting a feeling of wellbeing.  It is recommended to book the full 2 hours for this massage, but 60 and 90 minute sessions are also available. This massage typically uses oil. 60 min: 65$ | 90 min: 85$ | 120min: 100$  | * Add CBD oil for only 10$

“I've had many different types of massages across the country and this is for sure one of the best. It is also by far the best value massage I have ever had. I am still feeling fixed up a week later! “ - Scotty Mackerel


A very unique and effective therapeutic Deep Tissue massage that is performed on a mat. This approach is dynamic and interactive where you help guide the treatment rather than passively receiving it. Here it is: I will target different areas and hold down tissue with hands, elbow and foot while you move and stretch around these points. It is intense, but never more than you can handle because you are directing the work. And because you are directing the work, we are always targeting the “sweet spot” and so it is very satisfying on that level. This work is excellent for chronic pain, reduced range of motion and anyone who likes deep work that ‘gets right in there’. Sessions are 2hrs long.


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“Usually in massages, I am nearly asleep and hoping the therapist will discover where my body needs attention. In Eric's session, I was involved in the process and could tell him where to work and together we could release tension. He intuitively could follow exactly the chains of tension and release them. I have had tension in my foot for over 20 years and his session truly released it. It was relaxing and englightening all at once. In the days that followed, I felt like my body was moving differently. We focused on lower body, which had been calling for attention. Now, I'm excited to go back and explore what we can release in my upper body." - Jennifer Kruidbos


This is a focused treatment with the intent to help you recover from the pain and stiffness that comes with injury. Often requires breaking down adhesions through deep tissue work and stripping. Trigger point therapy is also used to address those troublesome “knots” that can be the source of serious pain. 6o min 65$ | 90 min 85$ | 120 min 100$ | * Add CBD oil for only 10$

* If your injury is still inflamed, massage is not recommended. 

“I had an ACL surgery in April and have suffered from a very stiff knee since then- Eric was very attentive and worked all the muscles around the knee using different techniques. My knee has never been better! He is a great professional and is very affordable. “ - Annyck Besso


A Trager session is a very unique form of massage. It’s approach is gentle yet profound. It helps release deep-seated physical and mental patterns and facilitates deep relaxation, increased physical mobility, and mental clarity.  You'll experience your body set in motion through rhythmic rocking, shimmering, elongation, and rotating of the tissues in your legs, arms, shoulders, back, neck, chest and abdomen.  It feels light and easy, but it resonates deeply through your body; particularly in your joints.  Yoga clothes/shorts and sports bra/t-shirt are suggested for this treatment since large areas of the body are often covered in the same movement. This massage uses no oil. 6o min 70$ | 90 min 90$ | 120 min 105$ 

“ Eric's massage practice and techniques are truly amazing. I was traveling for dance in Montreal and he saved my body. I highly recommend him. Don't hesitate. Go get a massage from him! “- Meghann Michalsky


This may be the only place in town where you can get an organic CBD oil massage! Enjoy the health benefits of this totally organic THC-free cannabanoid oil crafted in Salt Spring Island, VC.  6o min 75$ | 90 min 95$ | 120 min 110$

“ Fantastic massage, awesome masseur. Really knows what he is doing, takes care to make you comfortable and helps you understand your own tension patterns or injury issues. Very good vibes, and sense of humour.“ - Alison Darby


Sometimes you just want the good stuff. Lay back in comfort and enjoy a deeply relaxing massage focused on the head, hands and feet; complimented with aromatherapy.  6o min 65$ | 90 min 85$  * Add CBD oil for only 10$


Onsite chair massage at your business or event. Contact to book a visit.