Founded on the science of yoga, spiritual alchemy, artistic expression, creative rituals, collaboration, and self-discovery. 

Each residency aligns with the natural cycles of the moon, stars, and planets. Through respect to worldwide holy days and ancient traditions, students participate in rituals to help develop a personal connection to the rhythms of life. 

School of Ritual aims to redefine and evolve the yoga teacher training model. Students learn to embody and serve yoga as a living transmission in any form or methodology they feel drawn to. These trainings go beyond yoga to encourage mastery in all fields of expression: career, art, music, family, ecology, and socialism.  

Take residency in the temple of your being with community support and mentorship.  

Spiritual Alchemy: is the transmutation of our wounds and disappointments into a renewed sense of courage, insight, and creativity. Rituals help to translate what's going on, by giving one an outlet of expression and space to shift their awareness. 

Warriorship is required to hold a higher vision for yourself and the world. 



March - November 2019  at TEMPLE MILE END

The Ritual of Yoga Residency Program set in the temple of the mind, body, and soul to awaken, align, and amplify one's unique talents and gifts. This yoga teacher training course is an initiation into the depths of sacred self-study, service, and ritual. Learn purposeful practices and tools to nourish and serve your community. Craft authentic relationships with spirit, oneself, and others with mystical realism; bringing the extraordinary back into everyday living.  

200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification awarded upon completion. One weekend a month commitment.

Applications are now being accepted till February 22, 2019. Small Group Training.




45 hour Yin Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Kimiko Tao Fujimoto + Mona-Elizabeth Assaf + Eric Digras

February 9 ,10 + 16, 17 (Weekends 10:00 am - 6:00 pm)

March 12 + April 16, 17, 18 (Weeknights 6:00 - 9:00 pm)


A voice within is calling you to yield, soften, and slow down. Are you listening?

Transform your life and practice into a meditation in motion through the art of Yin Yoga. With so much yang busyness in the world, the yin antidote is evermore needed. Enter the sacred TEMPLE and embark on a journey into one of the most comprehensive Yin Trainings available with the aim to find your true balance.


Kimiko’s Yin residency was a powerful and moving experience. Mona Assaf’s detailed and exceptionally accessible approach to meridian theory really invited the understanding of the yin practice from a deeply healing and therapeutic foundation. The sequencing and ritual Kimiko transferred to us as students really gave me tools to feel confident to begin to teach yin yoga. I highly recommend this residency to anyone interested in a transformative training experience.
— Emily Mclean: Mother, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Co-owner of Yoga on the Park
I think Kimiko is the most well-rounded yoga teach in Montreal. Her trainings embody the physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of the yogic sciences. Even if you do not teach yoga, taking one of her trainings will benefit all facets of you, and give you the tools to live an empowered and more full life.
— Alison Neill: Mother, Freelancer, Yoga Teacher
This training has provided the structure for liberating parts of me and allowed exploration of my unique colors. Although scary at times Kimiko’s spontaneous down to earth wisdom and authentic sharing cultivates the courage and faith to continue the journey through unknown territory, allowing for little breakthroughs and increasing self-confidence.  - Isabella Annas
— Isabella Annas: Mother, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher
This teacher training has totally changed my life, and opened up my mind to a world of ways in which I can incorporate yogic ideals and beliefs into my daily life. I feel ready to face the challenges of this life on and off the mat. I have the tools in which to safely practice yoga with my friends, family, and most importantly all on my own, wherever this life may take me. I feel confident in my ability to share my gifts with this world, and to live peacefully in harmony with my neighbours. I am so honoured and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to study with Kimiko and the awesome group of students we had this year. Most importantly, I feel proud of myself. Prouder than ever before. This training wasn’t easy, and I fell down many times, but every time I get back up, I am even more humble and more gracious for the opportunity to try again. I have learnt compassion towards myself and towards others. I have just begun to crack the surface on all of the universe’s infinite love and wisdom. I finally feel at home in my own body.
— Shelby Cohen, Musician, Yoga Teacher